Here comes the sun…

Here comes the sun!! I mean that both figuratively AND literally; after months of mostly being stuck in the -30 to -45 Celsius region (for my friends elsewhere, that is about -22 F to -49 F...yeah, I'm dead serious), this weekend we finally felt the strong warmth of the sun as we hit -7 today!!!... Continue Reading →

The Only Way Out is Through…

Picture this: a group of kindergartners at a birthday party are getting set to play a rousing round of musical chairs. Snacks, goodies, and juice or pop have all been rapidly consumed, and the cake was absolutely delish!! They've been laughing and running around for a good hour already, having an absolute blast! Giggles &... Continue Reading →

Be Lacey.

Today, as I do each week, I sat down to focus on my “52 lists project” journal. Cody & Scott were gone for a few hours to a birthday party, Lydia was asleep, and Evy (though still playing & chattering away) was happy in his crib. I decided to give myself a little “oasis” in... Continue Reading →

And now for something new…

Since this episode in our lives began in August, I have learned something key about myself: if the caller ID on my phone displays that it is one of the specialists offices calling, or the clinic here in town, HSC (Health Sciences Center, the big hospital in Winnipeg where most of his specialists are located)... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Gretchen Rubin: Part 2

After I promised you a more lighthearted post today, and then promptly buried you in heavy details of the last 1.5 years of my life, (surprise!) you're probably wondering where I'm headed with this! And also, how the heck does the name "Gretchen Rubin" come in to play? Well, let's get to the happiness! I... Continue Reading →

Thank you Gretchen Rubin: Part 1

Today's post is going to be a bit different--a bit more lighthearted (although it won't appear to start out that way, but I assure you it will end joyfully!), broken up in to 2 parts, and all about MOI...despite the fact that in my lifetime, I have typically been nervous talking about myself because of... Continue Reading →

Happy Children, Happy Life

You know that saying "Happy Wife, Happy Life"? (Of course you do) Although that's often true, I actually think I need to amend that rule for our home--I think it ought to go "Happy Children, Happy Life". I had a very hard week emotionally. Everything just felt dark, and heavy. It was as if there... Continue Reading →

Depressing Downs & Joyous Ups

There are days when the positives shine through. When I seem miraculously able to focus only on Evy's progress, and rejoice in it. When I am able to stand on the side of the riverbank and observe my worries as they drift by, without attaching myself to them. Today is NOT one of those days.... Continue Reading →

The first 2 years of many…

I might as well start where it makes the most sense--at the beginning! After a super traumatic birth with our first son (Cody), Evy's birth was a dream. True, I was in labor for 23 hours, and I was high risk, aaand my water had broken so we were on the 24 clock, AAAND the... Continue Reading →

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