Look how far he’s come!! Happy 3rd Birthday!

What a difference a year can make.

1 year ago today, I was full of sorrow. That was the day that I knew in my gut that something was up with Evy…he wasn’t just slow to talk, or a “picky eater”. No, something deeper was up, and I seemed to be the only one that knew it.  We tried to take birthday pictures, but our darling bug seemed to be off in another world. That happy sparkle in his eyes was no longer there. I couldn’t even manage to get him to acknowledge the camera…and cheerfully chanting “Evy, Evy…where’s my Evy?” didn’t even register.

I wanted to take him to a Dr, or a pediatrician, to ANYONE who might listen to my concerns…but alas, my own seriously threatened state of health took precedence, as I was re-hospitalized the next day (I was about 22 weeks pregnant, and needed blood transfusions). When I did get him an appt the following month, that Dr brushed off my concerns about Evy as if they were just an annoying fly buzzing around. According to him, there were zero concerns about Evrett…even though he was over 2 years of age and speaking no words at all, not even trying to verbalize. He wouldn’t look at us when we called his name, he would barely eat, drooled constantly, and seemed to be regressing in other aspects as well.

But sure Doc, “no concerns”….

Well, no thanks to that “Doctor”, today is a completely different birthday than last years.


I opened Evrett’s door this morning (he has difficulty with his sleep/wake cycles, so we have to be careful about waking him, and if we must do so, we do it gradually by opening his door and letting him hear the sounds of the rest of the family throughout the house), and as I walked in I could smell that he had already made me a “present” in that diaper of his!! (What a stench that was!) Normally, I ask him “did you poop”?!, and also use sign language…but this time, he beat me to it. He sprang up in his crib saying “poop! poop!”, I was overjoyed!!!! I didn’t care if it stunk (which I assure you, it did!), or wasn’t the most lovely word on the planet. It was a NEW WORD, that I could easily understand, aaaaaand he even used it in the right context!! I felt like doing a happy dance 🙂

It was as if he woke up to start his third year of life and thought “today, I’m going to reassure mommy that I am going to be O.K.”

He ate a nice, big breakfast with Lydia and I at the table (normally, it’s like pulling teeth to get him to have a few bites of breakfast before daycare!), and then we were off to daycare. He has only been in daycare MWF mornings for 2 weeks now, but he LOVES IT!! As soon as we pull up to the building, he gets the biggest smile on his face. Since today was also Valentine’s Day (which Scott & I often forget, as we didn’t even celebrate it prior to having children, and now that Evy’s birthday is the same day, it’s as if V-Day is non-existent for us, lol!!), he not only got a birthday crown, but also a Valentine’s Party. How absolutely adorable for our little bug!! Friends and parties all his own! As if that wasn’t special enough, his child development worker (whom we ADORE!) also paid him a visit this morning. He wanted to wash his hands with her (this is new!), he did new puzzles and activities exhibiting excellent manual dexterity (again, new!), AAAAND when his chair slid backwards as he went to sit down and she said “whoopsie!”, he echoed,  saying “whoopsie” right along with her!!! Clear as day!


All of these new words and skills are like presents for ME. (I had no idea I was also entitled to such special presents on my kiddos birthdays too 😉 Thank you, Evrett!)

Once we arrived home from dropping big brother off for his afternoon at school, we opened the Valentines to check them out, and found someone had given him bubbles. How fun!!! So, we had a little bubble play session in the living room. Evy & Lydia giggled, and he exclaimed “WOW”!!! (Of course I tried to capture this on video, and the moment I turn the camera on, he stops. Little monkey!) Once I was sufficiently lightheaded from blowing those darn bubbles, I put the bottle away in our hallway closet and told him “all done”…. but Evy had other ideas. He grabbed me by the hand, took me down the hall, pulled open the closet, pointed and said “bubboo, bubboo”. Oh my heart!!! Another brand new, clear word for his birthday!! (And after that, of course I couldn’t’ resist getting the bubbles back out for some more fun. Dizzy or not, mommy delivers!)

I figured after such an eventful morning, he would definitely want his usual afternoon nap….but as I put him in the crib, he firmly said “no”…and boy oh boy, did he ever mean it! There was NOOOO napping today. And truthfully, I was fine with that, because instead we snuggled, played, and I enjoyed the cherished company one-on-one with that sweet little man while Lydia napped.

The absolute best part of the day was seeing him fall in love with his present from us: a “Little Tikes” Trampoline! He walked around it at first, asking “which way?” (again, new words!), but then he quickly caught on to this magical thing he could jump higher and higher on!!! (Don’t worry, there is a grip-bar he holds on to, so he is safe) He squealed with joy as he jumped, his crazy blonde hair flying in the air, and he even allowed us a picture & some video before he took a break. (Thank you again, Evrett)


Is he talking consistently? No. Is he looking at us whenever we call his name? No. Is he potty trained? No. Is he eating a balanced diet? No. Iss he able to follow commands/questions yet? No….

But you know what? 1 year ago he had NO words at all; today he has 10-15 words, and even some 2-3 word phrases. A year ago, he would NEVER acknowledge our calls of his name, and now he looks about 8 times out of 10! (And smiles hugely at us when doing so!!) 1 year ago, we couldn’t get him to keep his hands off of his “baby junk” whenever we changed his diaper (Ha!! I remember that time so well), and now he is super intrigued by the potty, and leaves the room whenever he needs to go #2. A year ago he was choking &/or gagging on almost all food, even his milk…and now, he sits at the table with us enjoying his select items of food, and socializing, with no gagging at all. 1 year ago, I wasn’t sure he knew what ANY word meant, I had no clue if ANYTHING was registering in that sweet little brain of his…but today, when I asked him to pick which show he wanted to watch, he pointed and showed me. He knew what I was asking. He knew what he wanted. He knew how to properly point….and we watched his show that he had chosen. We had an amazing end to his amazing 3rd birthday.

And that is pretty freaking amazing!!!


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