Riding a Rollercoaster Blindfolded

Riding the waves of parenting a child with special needs can be much like riding a rollercoaster...actually, now that I think about it, parenting almost any child is much like riding a rollercoaster; you have no advanced warning when the bigger ups and downs are coming the majority of the time, and no way to... Continue Reading →

All I could ever have hoped for

It's been an ODD week....not in any events that have occurred or how our daily lives have gone...but an odd week within me. It is odd for me to feel as...lighthearted as I have this week (especially given how sick I have been!). I feel...happy. I feel...content. (What are those recurring "..."'s all about? Well, they are... Continue Reading →

It’s all in the little things…

I woke up Friday morning to a text from a dear friend, in which she said "...you seem to be your happiest and healthiest right now..." . Given the heaviness of adjusting to the possible diagnoses thus far for Evy, as well as the life-changing traumas we have faced since the end of 2016, a... Continue Reading →

Praise Bug like I should…

We, as human beings, can be so focused on the negative. Let's think of this common scenario: the boss calls us in for our yearly review: she/he says 6 positive things, and mentions 2 small things that we could improve on...most of us do NOT leave patting ourselves on the back, & thinking "Hell yeah,... Continue Reading →

I'm Alice; I've fallen down the rabbit hole. I've climbed through the looking glass...and I can't seem to get back. Is it possible to feel both encouraged, hopeful AND stuck? How about experiencing feelings of joy AND of loneliness & fear simultaneously? Well, it must be possible, because this is the strange Wonderland I am stumbling around... Continue Reading →

Trust. Trust. Trust.

Things change on the slightest whim in our life lately. Well...to be honest, things change on the slightest whim since the end of 2016 it seems, or at least it sure feels that way to us. The only thing that seems to be constant is change. Don't you just love that paradox? I find it... Continue Reading →

Lion? Or lamb?….

As February draws to a close, I find myself examining my emotional health once again, and have begun setting my March "Happiness Project" goals. I never thought I would enjoy self-exploration so much!! How interesting it is when we start examining and working on ourselves; not to criticize our faults, no no! But rather to... Continue Reading →

A Report on Bugs Check-Up

Yesterday, my mom and I packed Evy & Lydia up to travel 1.5 hours to The Pas to see their wonderful pediatrician (we will call her Dr B, for privacy purposes). I love Dr B; she is thorough, invested in Evy (and Lydia too), and is straightforward without being cold. She's a 10/10!! But...I must... Continue Reading →

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