A Report on Bugs Check-Up

Yesterday, my mom and I packed Evy & Lydia up to travel 1.5 hours to The Pas to see their wonderful pediatrician (we will call her Dr B, for privacy purposes). I love Dr B; she is thorough, invested in Evy (and Lydia too), and is straightforward without being cold. She’s a 10/10!! But…I must admit, despite my fondness for her, I still found going over EVERYTHING that we have found out so far concerning Evy yet again quite emotionally taxing. Even though the visit went smoothly, and my amazing mother was there with me (thank you, mama), I still left with a stress headache (as I often do from his appointments).

Dr B had only uplifting things to say; no bombs were dropped this time, which was a pleasant change from most of his Drs’ appts, ha!! She agrees with everyone else involved that Evys’ disease (whatever form of encephalopathy it may be) is likely not progressive (meaning that she believes he will not get worse), and he should continue to develop…just…at his own rate, rather than following the “norm”. This was music to my ears!! And I pray multiple times a day that we are all correct with this instinct. If you could all take a pause, and pray for the same, that would be simply amazing. Send positive vibes, or pray, cast your intentions, do whatever is in you to do. It will all be deeply appreciated.

She explained to my mother and I that the biggest thing to watch for is that his muscles/joints do not begin to over-tighten. She says an issue with many encephalopathies is that the muscle tone ends up being TOO high, and therefore the muscles/joints can’t allow movement the way that they ought to. She checked him over thoroughly, and saw no warning signs of this so far. WHEW!!!!

And that’s not all folks: there was MORE good news: our bug is now 30.4 lbs (YAY for being in the 30’s!!!!), and is growing nice & tall! (Which explains why I have had to change his wardrobe from size 2T to 3T, keep going, my little weed!) Dr B also observed that she sees numerous positive changes in his development since meeting him in November: this time he was actually looking at her (I don’t think he made eye contact with her even once the last time), playing trains properly (a new skill for him), interacting, being a little card just to get a reaction from us, and attempting to verbalize with her as well. She even understood some of his words!! All in all, VERY encouraging developments!!

Way to go darling bug; you keep this up and blow us all away!!!

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