Get ready, get set, for the longest wait yet…

As I kissed Cody to send him off to school this last Friday morning, I registered the sound of a noise in the background, or something? It sounded a lot like the opening of the t.v. show "The Office"...but I hadn't turned the tv on that morning at all...what the heck?!, I thought. I... Continue Reading →

Minimalism allows me not to care…

Yes, you read the title correctly. Minimalism, or living simply & with greater intention, absolutely allows me to care less. (On the flip side, it also allows me to care MORE about the things & people that truly matter in our life, but that's not what today's post is about) Shortly after we moved to... Continue Reading →

Fresh Perspectives…

As I was walking up our front steps tonight with our oldest son, 6 year old Cody, beaming brightly as we returned home from his soccer darling hubby greeted us at the door, with our waving baby girl smiling brightly in his arms, & our darling Evy at his side...and there IT was again: that... Continue Reading →

Vulnerability & Minimalism

I have a confession to make: for the first time since I began my Happiness Project on February 1st, this months resolutions aren't working out so well. That's an understatement, actually...they're a huge flop!! Other than my resolution to continue my shopping ban, (which is very successful!), 2 of the other resolutions I only managed... Continue Reading →

And around & around it goes…

It was a gorgeous, clear, sunshiny morning here in Northern Manitoba. It actually felt....(dare I say it)...summery! (Don't worry, I knocked on the wooden table when I typed that out!) The warmth of the breeze, buds in full bloom on the trees in the forest just beyond our back yard, and coffee on the deck... Continue Reading →

Nothin’ but NET Baby!!!

It's so hard when our babies are sick. Mamas, dads, caregivers, you know what I'm saying... Many 3 year olds have the ability to verbally tell us (or even yell at us!) what's wrong, even with the smallest details such as "want BLUE cup, not green!!!". As annoying as that demanding behavior may seem at... Continue Reading →

Happiness Project Part 4: May

I have come to love the end of each month; it's the time when I look back on my Happiness Resolutions from the previous month, reflect on my progress, and chart the next months path!! The feeling that you are growing as a person, and measuring that growth in a concrete manner, is quite motivational... Continue Reading →

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