All of My Dreams Came True…

I just want to take a few moments to commemorate this day. It was 1 in a million. It was extraordinary...and it was also a very normal day. Everything I have wished for, I experienced today. Life being as fluid as it is, tomorrow will be a whole new day full of new challenges &... Continue Reading →

Giving Yourself Grace

The art of granting oneself grace, of having some self-compassion, doesn't come naturally to me...I'm more inclined to be hard on myself. (I think that many of us are that way! The old adage of "being your own worst critic" can be pretty accurate) But finally, as 2018 progresses, I can confidently say that I... Continue Reading →

You Feel It…

An unsettling thing happens when you stop self-medicating; that is, when you stop distracting yourself with online shopping, or pouring that glass of wine in the evening, or continue "getting things done" instead of just being still for a few damn minutes...or however it is that you subconsciously attempt to pad the pain that life... Continue Reading →

Not Alone.

As my mom & I had a visit without the little ones on Friday night, the topic came up of how blessed we are to live up here in Northern Manitoba. Not only is it absolutely serene, full of life with it's vast array of cultural activities to enjoy & partake in, full of soul-food... Continue Reading →

The “Shopping Ban”

Anyone who knows me well, or has been following this blog (thank you SO much if that's you!!) will know how dedicated I've been to bettering myself in 2018. When you have a year like 2017,  where you feel as if you've been to hell in a hand-basket & back numerous either end up on... Continue Reading →

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