All of My Dreams Came True…

I just want to take a few moments to commemorate this day. It was 1 in a million. It was extraordinary…and it was also a very normal day. Everything I have wished for, I experienced today. Life being as fluid as it is, tomorrow will be a whole new day full of new challenges & imperfections. But, today, it was pretty damn close to perfect, and I write this brief post to express my gratitude.

-All I have wanted is for our 6 year old, Cody, to be a genuinely kind person in his interactions as he grows, and to try his best in his endeavors along the way. After his grade 1 year, he is receiving an academic award tomorrow morning. I’m so deeply proud of his efforts, and seeing his big blue eyes light up because Mommy, baby sister, Grams & Papa will all be there to support him made my heart melt.

-All I have wanted is for Lydia to be healthy: after a rough start from life in the womb, to nearly losing her life at 2 weeks of age, to dealing with silent reflux & a dairy allergy…it seems she is now starting to outgrow that dairy allergy!! She has had cheese and butter the last 4 days, with zero reaction thus far. Yay my little girl!!

-All I have wanted is for Evy to talk to me. I wished for what felt like forever for him to verbally communicate with us…and now, HE IS!!!!! My darling angel, he is talking to me, to us all. Bless his little heart!!!

-All I have wished for, I was fortunate enough to see come to fruition today. A kind & hard-working 6 year old. A toddler who is overcoming things left, right & centre (screw you, rare brain disease!!!). A baby girl who is getting healthier & stronger (& more fun!) by the day. A husband who is truly my best friend & love of my life. A roof over our heads, with our fur-babies nestled alongside us. Our health on our side. Family & close friends within minutes of us. As well as some true friends, gals I am lucky enough to call “my persons” who live far away, yet are right beside me in spirit.

Life is far from perfect, I know this. But you know what? This afternoon…feeling all of that gratitude for the gifts life has blessed me with, it was as close to perfection as life could ever get ❤️

6 thoughts on “All of My Dreams Came True…

Add yours

  1. happy to hear this great news!
    Your family is so wonderful and so are you! !
    This is your rainbow
    Love always
    Barry connie and family.


    1. Love you all too Auntie Connie, thank you for always reading and sending your love along, always warms my heart


  2. I love you Lacey and these posts always make me appreciate everything life has to offer. Your words, strength and love amaze me. Keep writing I love reading everything you have to say!
    Joni xoxo


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