Talking to myself…

Over the past couple of months, I have developed the habit of talking to myself...not out loud!! (at least not most of the time 😉 ) But rather, inside my head. I'm not certain precisely when I began doing this without having to think about doing it...but I've definitely been dialoguing with my inner self... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Pottyland

After only 2 days of getting Evy accustomed to the potty, he did it!!!! Tonight, just before bed, our big little man peed on the potty successfully! He even followed it up with a super clear celebratory "I did it!", and also some "yay!"s!!! This is all I can say, YAY!!!! Shortest blog post yet,... Continue Reading →

A New Step…

Remember the good old adage: sometimes you "can't see the forest for the tress"? Well I certainly do, and it rang true for me this weekend! As improbable as it is for people outside of our little family of 5 to really know what the details of daily life are like in our household, particularly... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Wish…

Today, I ventured out to WalMart with Evy and Lydia on my own. This may be only the 2nd time that I have ever attempted to run an errand with these two, without Scott along with me. Cody and Evy? Yup, they're no problem. Cody himself is even a big help, sometimes! Cody and Lydia?... Continue Reading →

The Gift

I awoke this morning to a gentle kiss on my cheek, and a whispered "I love you" from my hubby. Since I am quite well-known for being a grumpy-bear first thing in the morning before coffee, he quickly follows that up with: "You don't have to get up yet, I just thought you might be... Continue Reading →

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