1 to 10

Evy tends to become whom we affectionately (though somewhat tiredly) call “Mr. Party Boy” when nighttime approaches. He is happier than ever, and we’re fairly sure that if we let him, he would play every night until 11 PM-midnight!! So, 2 nights ago, when Evy woke up in the night to play again, we weren’t surprised…poor Scott was exhausted, yes, but definitely not surprised.

But that night was different; we never thought we would be so happy to be woken up in the night by one of the children!!

As Evy played and babbled away next to poor, tired Scott…he began talking. He talked about wanting more milk, and chattered on about other things while Scott lay there half listening, half asleep. And then Evy blew him away by counting. Not just counting to 3, as we learned that he could just last week, but by counting all the way from 1 to 10!!! That’s right!! All in perfect order, and all comprehensible!

Our sweet little man, who 1 year ago could barely say 5 words, now counts from 1-10 and can say a total of 74 words!!!

Go Evy go!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, you will always be off the charts to us little Bug!!!


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