Some of the richest moments of gratefulness, and of happiness, surround me when we are all snuggled in to our warm home up here in Northern Manitoba while the winter wind howls outside. The snow blows in the dark, making even the house creak, and the tall steady pine trees out behind our back fence sway in the night….

Yet here are all 3 of our babies, our 2 fur babies and my husband sleeping safely in this home we have made. The steadfast walls keeping us safe, the love keeping us warm, and the strength keeping us protected from all of the elements outside.

And I begin thinking…

How very blessed am I. How truly wonderful is this life we have built. We have been dealt some odd hands in the game of life the last number of years. We have been pulled to our thinnest measure, we have been tested beyond what we thought we could even endure. And somehow, through all of it, life is breathtaking and beautiful. Our Evy, our sweet little gift, may not be “neurotypcial”, but he is by far the most wonderful gift we could ever have hoped for. The fact that his brain may appear to be unique on an MRI scan does not retract from the beauty of life; it adds layers of texture and color to our painting, thereby adding the richness of the overall creation.

And our beautiful work-in-progress–our creation–our little family, is snuggled safely inside here while Mother Nature shows her power outside. Reminding me how truly lucky we are, and of how integral it is that we are mindful of the beauties of life as it is happening.

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  1. You are such a great writer. I love reading your posts. Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best in 2019.
    Love you Joni xo


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