Overcoming Obstacles…

Today reminded me just how far our darling Evrett has come; how absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring this small person really is.

I can look at how we raise Evy and admit that sometimes we go a tad too far in protecting him. We’ve gotten so used to modifying many activities or routines in our daily life for Evy that sometimes we must remind ourselves that he can do, and WILL DO, exactly what every other barely 4 year old can do….but in his own time. And he’ll only be able to do what we give him the opportunity to do. Sometimes we don’t need to protect him; sometimes, we need to let him jump right in…and watch him flourish.

Today we all went tobogganing, with my BFF and her 2 little ones. All 8 of us had a blast, laughing, smiling, and yes…at some points, crashing, ha!! And you know what? Evy did it all too. He climbed the big hill all by himself. He squealed with joy as he slid down, both on his own and with us. And when we left, the smile on his face in the vehicle told us he had one of the best afternoons ever!!

And Bug didn’t stop there! A few hours after we got home, he mastered one of his Physio goals: to catch a ball. We hadn’t focussed on it much, only tried it a few times here and there…but somehow, tonight was his night!! With a red ball that his daycare workers had so kindly let him take home from gym class, he showed us what a coordinated little big boy he has really become!!!! His pride in himself was quite possibly the best part; he knew he had mastered a new skill, and he knew he deserved to feel proud ❤️ But there’s no need for me to tell you, because you can check it out right here!!

Our little Bug can, and WILL DO, what anyone else can do. And he proved that today 🐛💜

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Obstacles…

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  1. Your little Bug is gorowing into a handsome, smart young man. There is no doubt in my heart that he will continue to amazine you all throughout his life.
    In life we are never given more than we can handle. You both are blessed with an beautiful family. You are so much welthier than you know.
    Your little Bug shows you this everyday.
    I can tell that you cherish all these moments.
    I just know in my heart as your little Bug grows he will go on in life to do amazing things and astound is all!
    Please keep sharing your journey!


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