To my sweet Bug:

My beautiful little Bug 🐛, sleeping so soundly next to mommy, clutching your favourite sippy cup, your gentle breath in my ear.You are one of the greatest gifts of my life 🎁 You remind me everyday of what is truly important.You radiate joy & pure goodness with your every laugh & twinkle in your blue… Continue reading To my sweet Bug:

Standing in my Light

We’ve all heard the famous saying: “the calm before the storm”.  But you know what? I prefer to see that storm through a different lens: after the storm comes the clearing. The rain subsides, the clouds eventually clear up, and the sun shines upon us once again. That’s where I am these days; I am… Continue reading Standing in my Light


“Don’t get too comfortable. Don’t swim in the happiness. Don’t revel in the joy. Don’t bask in the light; the darkness is right around the corner, little lady.” Don’t. “Don’t make that new house your ‘forever home’ just yet. Watch how I can penetrate it’s walls, wreck it at my whim. Watch me suck away… Continue reading Don’t.

Overcoming Obstacles…

Today reminded me just how far our darling Evrett has come; how absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring this small person really is. I can look at how we raise Evy and admit that sometimes we go a tad too far in protecting him. We’ve gotten so used to modifying many activities or routines in our daily… Continue reading Overcoming Obstacles…

This just can’t be!

6 nights ago when we were getting ready to ring in the New Year with our dearest friends, I brought up an idea I had heard on Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” podcast (anyone who knows me well, or has followed the blog in the past, knows my fondness of Gretchen Rubin, and of mostly all things… Continue reading This just can’t be!

2 Years Ago Today, Tomorrow, & the Day after Tomorrow…

On this Christmas Day of 2018, I feel so much joy, so much excitement from watching the happiness erupt on our children’s sweet faces as we enjoyed love and play all day. Such deep happiness listening to our Evy saying “Merry Christmas” to us, and really being an active part of this holiday for the… Continue reading 2 Years Ago Today, Tomorrow, & the Day after Tomorrow…


Some of the richest moments of gratefulness, and of happiness, surround me when we are all snuggled in to our warm home up here in Northern Manitoba while the winter wind howls outside. The snow blows in the dark, making even the house creak, and the tall steady pine trees out behind our back fence… Continue reading Happier

“I Love My Mommy Because…”

I want to tell you all about the different kind of joy I have experienced lately–the joy of seeing Evy hit milestones that not so long ago, we had wondered if he ever even would. What sorts of milestones would be be able to reach? A year or so ago, we really didn’t know…and it… Continue reading “I Love My Mommy Because…”