Out like a Lamb; Onward to April Showers

Here we are.  Already 1/4 of the way through 2018...can you believe that?! Even as I typed that sentence, I had to re-count the months in my head (and admittedly, out loud & on my fingers, like an elementary student might do) numerous times! I can hardly fathom how fast, and yet how dreadfully s-l-o-w,... Continue Reading →

All I could ever have hoped for

It's been an ODD week....not in any events that have occurred or how our daily lives have gone...but an odd week within me. It is odd for me to feel as...lighthearted as I have this week (especially given how sick I have been!). I feel...happy. I feel...content. (What are those recurring "..."'s all about? Well, they are... Continue Reading →

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