Reading Numbers!!

Today was no ordinary, run-of-the-mill Monday. Not by a long shot…

It felt as if the Gods/Goddesses of the Universe smiled upon us! My afternoon at work was lovely; I’m settling in to the position of legal administrative assistant even more, and thus am finding my own rhythm. This was also the first afternoon leaving Lydia with our awesome sitter where she didn’t spend the majority of my hours away from her screaming; she actually had FUN!! I came home to a happy, joyful little gal (who, by the way, is 14 months old today!!), and that warmed my heart. Cody was in an uber helpful sort of mood today, and therefore he vacuumed the upstairs this morning while I got ready for work (see? I always told people that someday, his vacuum obsession that has been in existence since he was just 18 months old would pay off, and I was right, ha!!). Evy had a wonderful day at daycare…which he always does, actually…but today was special because they got a new sensory toy bin that he fell in love with, and they also had an afternoon walk around town. Scott wasn’t even held up at work at quitting time!! He got home sooner than I expected, and rather than cooking, we took advantage of %50 off Mondays at Dominos, and ordered in. YUM!!!! All of us sat down together around the table, everyone in absolutely splendid spirits, and enjoyed our supper. This almost never happens…usually SOMEONE is whiny, or grouchy, or tired…but not today. Today was golden.

It doesn’t get much better than that!! Except for the moment when Evy did something that shocked us, and then brought us to tears…

As Lydia cried out (in her extremely clear, loud voice, which she projects with the efficiency of a classical singer! I fear I passed my lungs and vocal cords on to her…) “that that!!” and pointed for more pizza, Scott began cutting her more toddler sized bites. Cody was, as he says, “chitter chattering” on about how much he looooves Coca-cola (we got some to go with the pizza, which is a true treat in this house as we don’t normally purchase pop)…and I was watching our Evy-Bug. As he sat directly across the table from me, I watched as he zoned in on the side of the pizza box. He was entranced with it!…which is something he does from time to time; he sort of zones out at various moments, and we aren’t sure where his awareness really goes for those seconds. But something was different about the look in his big blue eyes this time. Finally, amid all of the noise, or “chatter” as Cody would say, Evy sat forward, pointed his tiny pointer finger at the box, and READ THE NUMBERS OUT LOUD!!!!! He READ, COUNTED, and SPOKE “1, 2, 3”, pointing at the appropriate numbers as he went.

We all went momentarily silent…as our jaws hit the floor…

Holy S%#*!!!!!!!! (Pardon my french, but this is H-U-G-E!!!!) Our Bug can READ!!!!! Our bug can read NUMBERS!!!!!!! Our bug can pronounce “th-ree”!!!!!!!!!

We had heard from his child development worker that he COULD identify and read a few numbers, colors, and shapes as well, but despite our best efforts, he has never shared those skills with us…so it felt as if it might be too good to be true. Well tonight he sure showed us!!! Those numbers printed on the side of the Dominos box were tiny too! They weren’t these big bold numbers, they were just tiny typed black letters. And he picked them out of all the other words, and read them appropriately. I have to say it again…. HOLY S%#*!!!!!!!

I think Bug could tell how pleasantly surprised we all were, as Scott began to tear up with happiness, and I ran around the table to hug him. I kissed the side of his sweet blonde head, and tears welled up in my eyes too! We all cheered him on: “yay Evy!!”, even little Miss Lydia started clapping, and Cody beamed with joy at the huge leap his sweet little brother had just taken.

I honestly have no words to describe the utter joy we felt in that moment. The overwhelming explosion of happiness in my heart as I realized that our sweet Evrett can READ. He KNOWS HIS NUMBERS!!! He can pick them out all on his own, and recite them to us, with ACCURACY!!!!! Just……W-O-W!!!!!!!!

Wow….I’m in awe of this amazing little man. No brain irregularities are going to stop him in life. He can READ NUMBERS!!! It’s still so surreal! 😀  I’m so overjoyed that I may not sleep tonight!!

This will go down as one of THEE HAPPIEST memories of our lives for Scott & I.

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  1. HUGE this is!! I have watched him play when it is just me and him here — he knows so much and comes to cuddle when he wants to without coaching! I know he knows!! For him to communicate what he knows and feels is the huge part cuz it is all in there!! Such a great family celebration for Evy today! ((HEART EVY)) !!


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